Self Assessments


Tele-Behavioral Health; Nomophobia

We've delveloped and succesfully deployed tele-behavioral health for addictions to tens of thousands of clients. We know what it takes:

Since our Programs are online, we can focus on population groups. We don't beleive one size fits all. For example, a teen texting while driving is different than a senior speaking on a cell phone while driving.

We've developed our tech capabilities areound Open Source Software. This means we can add the levels of functionality needed for a particular Program. And, we have tech support.

First Time Offenders

While this is easy to do, it's paramount. We've modeled our First Time Program around what most jurisdictions do for first time DUI; an assessment and 12 hours of education.

'Frequent Flyers'

This is a 26 hour Program that includes on demand video and web meetings.