Self Assessments


Nomophobia questionnaire (NMP-Q)

This questionnaire consists of 20 items on a Likert type scale from 1 to 7 with 1 meaning (strongly disagree) to 7 which means (totally agree). The 4 dimensions that are identified in this questionnaire (NMP-Q) are divided into questions such as:

  1. Inability to retrieve information: feeling of discomfort caused by the inability to search for information on the Web through the smartphone or the inability to access information anytime
  2. Giving up convenience: the feelings of convenience and peace of mind that smartphones provide, especially in relation to battery, coverage and credits;
  3. Inability to communicate: feelings about losing instant communication and not being able to use instant communication services; 
  4. Losing connectedness (16-20 items): feelings about losing ubiquitous connectivity. This dimension is related to disconnection from one’s online identity, especially on social media. 

Your score may vary between 20 and 140 points which gives 4 states, i.e.: absent, mild, moderate, or severe.  

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