Self Assessments



Think of ProblemDriving as a technology resource for your team's efforts.

Content Production

The issues surrounding problem driving are constantly changing - different drugs, distractions.... Our rapid multimedia capabilities also support foreign languages.


We process seamlessly behind our clients' websites. Most importantly, we have tech support.


We use Open Source Software so we're not solving problems already solved. Plus, there are no licensing fees.

Augmented Reality

Immersive education is proving to be an leading tool for education. The problem: It's too expensive and 'stuck' in time. That is, most solutions require a big investment and are hard to change.

 We've developed simulation software and processes that can be used by anyone with a smartphone. No need to physical simulators.

We record an actual trip with all the live data points; speed, acceleration, steering and braking. Then we overlay the problems; delayed braking, eyes off road, blurred vision, etc.