Self Assessments


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Dr. John explains the mechanics of the Program and requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion. At the end of each session, there is an assignment or self-study.

The purpose of the sef-study assignments is to help the participant to relate their particular use of smart phones, driving, work and school. Responses to self-studies are posted to our discussion board (anonymously) for group chat rooms.

Smartphone Addiction

Nomophobia (no mo phobia, No More Phone), is a process addiction, similar to gambling and sex. It is an addiction to cell phones; where lack of access can cause phobic symptoms.

The Distracted Brain

Multitasking is a myth. Awareness consists of all our senses working together to keep us upright, knowledgeable of our surroundings, and ready for an encounter with any person, animal or thing that enters our vision-scape.

This session explains how the ability to process visual information has some major gaps.

Smartphones on the Road

This session continues to reinforce the idea that multiprocessing is a myth. Most imporantly, using a smartphone while driving is dangerous.

While certain activities can multiprocess (chewing gum and walking), activities that require concentration and judgment are not multiprocessed. They are in fact time sliced, where eyes and brain are off the road.

The session also delves into road rage induced by the use of smartphones.

Victims' Impact Panel

This session reveals the stories of both victims and perpetrators. It describes how lives are ruined by careless use of smartphones.